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9 Great Ways to Enhance Your Listening Skills

June 29, 2022 John
John Thurman's Resilient Solutions Shortcast
9 Great Ways to Enhance Your Listening Skills
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Here are four critical justifications for listening to your wife’s input to accept her influence.

1. Her insights will most likely give you increased clarity. Women generally are more mindful of details, intuitive concerning the feelings of others, and may be in tune with certain unique aspects of a given situation. Her particular views might add a refreshing richness and depth to your perspective.

2. Accepting her influence will enhance your wisdom. I honestly wished I’d caught on to this early in our marriage. The Old Testament book of Proverbs is filled with truth about the difference between being a person of wisdom or a “fool.” As you read through the 31 chapters, you will discover a few important themes. One of the primary themes is a willingness to listen. When you and I listen to our wives, we honor her and our Creator, and we grow in wisdom. Disregard her input, and you could be acting like a fool.

3. Listening to and accepting her influence will enhance multiple levels of intimacy. Connecting through solid communication does for your marriage what breathing does for your body. When your wife is talking with you and sharing her day, she is craving a way to connect with you on multiple levels. Her need for meaningful communication is as strong as your need for sexual intimacy.

4. When you listen, you are making love to your wife. When you engage or even genuinely attempt to engage with your wife, you let her know she is loved, valued, cherished, and secure. When you can do this, she can feel drawn to you in a more profound way.

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