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John Thurman's Resilient Solutions Shortcast


Helping you become more resilient in your personal life, your relationships, your business endeavors, and your faith. John is a seasoned Mental Health Professional, Author, and WorkLife Consultant who can help you develop your resiliency skills as you pursue your goals and dreams.John is the "real deal," he and his wife have been married 49 years and have gone through several challenges. John likes to tell people that he doesn't have a perfect marriage, that's why he and his wife have been in and out of therapy over the years.John also knows a thing or two about resilience. Early in his life, he learned valuable lessons in resilience and endurance. Professionally he is a certified Corporate Crisis Response Specialist and Disruptive Workplace Management Consultant, responding to over 200 critical events ranging from the El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting to workplace violence. John's Resilient Solutions Shortcast is designed to help you become more resilient in your personal life, relationship, business endeavors, and youyr faith.
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